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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 00:12:55 -0500
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Dear Matthew,    (01)

Just one more comment:    (02)

MW> It sounds to me that Ronald is assuming that things he
> doesn't know about don't exist.    (03)

I agree his comment that "the agent must discover its own
reality" is misleading at best and wrong if taken literally.    (04)

But I had interpreted his use of the word as a synonym for
the word 'Lebenswelt' or 'Innenwelt".  (See the definitions
below by John Deely, following the work by Jakob von Uexküll.)    (05)

Instead of confusing people by using the word 'reality' in
a metaphorical sense.  I recommend the words 'Lebenswelt'
or 'Innenwelt' as useful technical terms.    (06)

_______________________________________________________________    (07)

From    (08)

http://web.archive.org/web/20060221134707/http://www.ut.ee/SOSE/deely.htm    (09)

Umwelt (UW) -- "a vehicle for expressing especially the role
of biological heritage in the use and function of signs, rather
than for expressing what is species-specifically human in the
use and function of signs."  (Deely's definition)    (010)

Lebenswelt (LW) -- "I have proposed that the term Lebenswelt
should be adopted to express an Umwelt which is species-
specifically human, retaining Umwelt to express the generic
idea of an objective world which is in every case species-
pecific consequent upon biological constitution."  (Deely)    (011)

Innenwelt (IW) -- The inner world of human experience, thought,
mental models, feelings, wishes, hopes, fears, etc.    (012)

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