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Re: [ontolog-forum] Visualization of ontologies for business

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Mills Davis wrote:
> David Siegel is working on a "business 3.0" book for the Harvard  
> Press, and is seeking examples of ontologies as used in different  
> kinds of applications.  He would like to reproduce some examples,  
> with attribution. Also, he is seeking examples showing effective  
> visualization of knowledge models -- some that will communicate  
> concepts without overwhelming a business audience. Any help you can  
> provide is appreciated.    (01)

Mills,    (02)

We have a small ontology for a manufacturing supply process for 
"just-in-time" inventory replenishment commonly called "e-Kanban".  The 
ontology describes the relevant business entities.  The ontology is in 
OWL, but the presentation form is UML class diagrams, showing only 
classes, subsumptions (aka "generalizations") and properties (aka 
"associations").  In the Automotive Industry Action Group, we found this 
effective in getting a community of domain experts, business analysts, 
and "application experts" to agree on the business concepts involved in 
a pilot project.  I attach the version that was last used to walk 
through the model with the AIAG business community (less some irrelevant 
slides).  A few of the slides describe common business concepts that you 
might find to be useful examples.  The model is the property of the 
AIAG, but it is publicly available.    (03)

The formal published model is only a bit different (for ATHENA project 
reasons).  See: http://www.nist.gov/msidlibrary/doc/NISTIR_7404.pdf    (04)

-Ed    (05)

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