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[ontolog-forum] Last minute reminder of postdoctoral opportunities at NI

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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 14:23:09 -0500
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The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a competitive fellowship program for new or recent Ph.D.'s. I am sending you this email in the hope that you might be able to recommend to us any students who expect to receive their degree during the coming year. This program is restricted to U.S. citizens, as the recipients will be U.S. Government employees.


More specifically, I am the Division Chief of the Manufacturing Systems Integration Division within the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory here at NIST, and we have a number of active programs in design engineering, manufacturing simulation and visualization, manufacturing enterprise integration, and semantic-based interoperability supporting agent-based self-integration. Other parts of the Laboratory also have programs in fundamental metrology for length, mass, force and manufacturing processes, as well as advanced control, robotics and autonomous vehicle research. I believe that the work you are doing fits into the scope of our programs.


If you know of any students who haven't decided whether a career in academia or industry is for them, then NIST presents an excellent place where either path is an easy, logical follow-on -- I speak from experience since that is precisely why I came to NIST under this very program 26 years ago, but fell in love with the research environment here and never left!


The one key fact to know is that applications for this coming year are due February 1st, 2008. A small research proposal is needed as part of the application. I encourage anyone who might be interested in learning more to contact me (ray@xxxxxxxx), and I will be happy to discuss the opportunities. Successful applications are usually the result of discussion with the target laboratory. More information is also available at http://www.mel.nist.gov/postdoc/, where you can find technical descriptions of the postdoctoral opportunities within our Laboratory.


I look forward to hearing from you.





Steven R. Ray, Chief

Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Phone: (301) 975-3524

Fax: (301) 258-9749

Email: ray@xxxxxxxx

Web: http://www.nist.gov/msid


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