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Re: [ontolog-forum] Possibility of an OASIS TC for Electronic Document I

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From: "Matteo Busanelli (ENEA-XLab)" <matteo.busanelli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 15:14:20 +0100
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Hi, concerning the UBL Ontology,
we generate an OWL ontology from the UBL 2 schemas plus some semantic 
enrichment coming from official documentation.    (01)

The ontology is completely extracted automatically and mainly contains:
  - a classification with instances of all Business Processes (and Activities) 
that involve UBL 2 Documents; in this case we add automatically this 
information following the official documentation of UBL 2.
  - all the semantic description of Common and Aggregated Components and 
relationships with documents that use them (currently working to 
re-modelling and improve this part)
  - a classification with instances of all the UBL 2 Documents. Each documents 
are then related with the semantic description of the used Components 
of the library and all the processes in which they are exchanged.
  - a classification of Party Roles that exchange Documents (again following 
UBL documentation) in a Business Process    (02)

For documentation purpose we are trying to provide each concept of the ontology 
with at least a textual description and meaningful label.
The ontology (or better "the Generator") is still a draft version and we are 
planning to change some part and in particular to better organize the 
description of Components Library and semantic relationships to the standard 
documents. For the moment there is no SUMO or DOLCE reference from our 
ontology but may be in future will be possible and useful some connection to 
other upper level or even domain ontologies.    (03)

Soon, we will make the ontology available online together with a Web App for 
navigating and searching on OWL ontologies (not editing) developed for 
the FP6 LEAPFROG-IP project in which we are involved.    (04)

I hope to have clarified at least the main aspects of our actual work that, I 
would point out, is still in progress.    (05)

Regards.    (06)

Matteo Busanelli    (07)

Duane Nickull ha scritto:
> Hi Mateo:
> This sounds very interesting.  Are you using DOLCE or SUMO or some other
> upper ontology within this project as well?  Is there a place we can preview
> some of the work?  Adobe is specifically very interested in this type of
> semantic information enrichment.
> Duane Nickull
> On 12/12/07 7:54 AM, "Matteo Busanelli (ENEA-XLab)"
> <matteo.busanelli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I'm Matteo Busanelli from ENEA (the Italian Govt R&D organization). We are
>> involved in the UBL subcommittee for Italian localization (ITLSC).
>> Our group is very interested in a definition of semantic enrichment of UBL
>> documents and we are working on a UBL ontology that we automatically
>> generate from documents. Our work aims to create a semantic upper level that
>> describes the UBL 2 standard documents and component library, improving
>> its understanding and simplifying its adoption in many e-business contexts. 
>> are also working on a semantic driven way to customize standard
>> documents simply handling semantic business concepts and exploiting semantic
>> annotation of schemas. I think this is very close to the Asuman work.
>> Therefore I think that TC on Electronic Document Interoperability could be a
>> good starting point to collaborate and exchange opinion about this topic.
>> Regards.
>> ========================
>> Matteo Busanelli
>> Via Martiri Monte Sole, 4
>> 40129 Bologna, Italy
>> phone   +39 051 6098 335
>> fax  +39 051 6098 084
>> e-mail  matteo.busanelli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> web  http://spring.bologna.enea.it/xlab
>> Duane Nickull ha scritto:
>>> Nice!  Jamie needs to do this more often.
>>> ;-)
>>> On 12/11/07 3:30 AM, "Peter Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> * We have also invited Jamie Clark (Director of Standards Development,
>>>> OASIS) to give a talk at the Ontolog Forum. Jamie has been very
>>>> encouraging, all along, to opportunities where some of the work being
>>>> discussed on this forum can be taken toward a standardization effort.
>>>> I'll let everyone know as soon as we have a date.
>     (08)

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