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Re: [ontolog-forum] formal systems, common logic and lbase

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Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 08:57:16 -0500
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Pat Hayes wrote:
> This conversation is going on too long. There is little to be gained by 
> citing decorative text at us that we wrote, in an attempt to refute our 
> position. At most, you will get us to admit that we may have made a poor 
> choice of words. The ISO spec is quite tightly written, and I think its 
> meaning is abundantly clear.
>     (01)

I've learned a lot here. Many thanks to you and Chris for the time 
you've taken to help me better understand. What I get here on the 
ontolog forum by exploring issues like this with experts like you and 
Chris is an education money can't buy !    (02)

> Pat
>     (03)

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