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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer pizza (was ckae)

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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 16:34:35 -0400
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Comments below.    (01)

On Sep 16, 2007, at 15:08 , Dennis L. Thomas wrote:    (02)

> Bill and Mills,
> Declarative is essentially a look-up table with content that was  
> computed in advance.  This is very common in the gaming world where  
> design and function are pre-computed, stored, then looked-up when  
> needed during the process of the game.  Declarative is the fastest  
> means to get data from memory to the user's screen - it bypasses  
> the search, compile, display process.    (03)

This is incorrect.  Whether the action of a program is specified  
declaratively or procedurally is distinct from whether such a program  
employs pre-computation (aka caching aka memoization) strategies.   
But whether they do or don't employ those strategies has nothing  
whatsoever to do with the issue of complexity discussed below.  Chris  
Menzel addressed that issue in his last note.    (04)

> In the case of declarative knowledge systems, the lookup is a  
> semantic web of any level of complexity - a lattice work of layers  
> upon layers of rational paths of concepts, ideas and thought  
> patterns that are organized according to the theory that justifies  
> their relationships.    (05)

*Any* level of "complexity"?  If we take complexity to mean the size  
of the (presumably "recomputed") knowledge base, than what is the  
size of these?  Finite?  Clearly your company has not produced a  
breakthrough in physics that provides infinite memory and infinite  
computational power for $1.98.  Let's assume not.  Then you are  
either in a quite elementary complexity class or what your language/ 
tool/thingy is capable of computing cannot be pre-computed (e.g. the  
set of the natural numbers).  So which is it?    (06)

   .bill    (07)

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