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[ontolog-forum] FW: Ballot on ISO/IEC 15944-7

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FYI – this is ontology related and may be of interest to some of you.  Howard gave me permission to post this here.


ISO/IEC FCD 15944-7: 2007(E)
Title: Information  technology - Business Agreement Semantic Descriptive Techniques Part 7:   e-Business Vocabulary
In the usual spirit of cooperation, I note the above  ballot currrently taking place under JTC1/SC32, which appears to e of interest  to UN/CEFACT, ISO TC154, ISO TC37 , OASIS and OAGi.  The proposed  standard set rules for the definition of eBusiness concepts and the  development of a controlled vocabulary, including multilingual  aspects.

I would be  grateful for views on how this complements and fits with the CCTS work and  other activities in your groups, and whether there are any issues for the  MoU/MG.

I note that a ballot is also under way on part 6, which offers a  taxonomy for various etrading transactions..

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