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From: richard murphy <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 11:45:18 -0400
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Pat H, John S & All:    (01)

Following on our conversation here:    (02)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2007-06/msg00289.html    (03)

I spent most of my *free* time over the past month carefully reading the 
Peirce manuscript. It's been quite an experience. I've done enough on 
the owl representation to stimulate discussion and hope you, and all 
members of the ontolog forum, will have time to comment on this work in 
progress.    (04)

As I've had time to consider what this ontology can be usd for, in 
addition to formally specifying that part of knowledge defined in the 
manuscript, I suggest a) defining mediation in ontology mapping (manual 
or automated) and b) emergence of structure in complex adaptive systems 
(a stretch goal).    (05)

Over the past month, I've learned this manuscript is a rich subject area 
for ontology specification. There's quite a bit of work to complete the 
ontology and plenty of errors already made on my part. I'm confident 
that establishing a dialog among members of the ontolog forum will 
result in a better work product that what I could create on my own.    (06)

You can find the owl ontology here:    (07)

http://www.rickmurphy.org/categories.owl    (08)

I used SWOOP and Pellet as a reference implementation for developing the 
ontology. For those who are interested in using the reference 
implementation, these tools are available here:    (09)

http://pellet.owldl.com/    (010)

You'll find the choices made in the specification intend on exercising 
Pellet's Tableaux algorithm. The ontology is currently classified as 
ALCHOF(D). So, once you load the ontology, select Pellet as the reasoner 
and the subsumption hierarchy will be calculated. Without this, the new 
list of categories will look like just that: a list. With it, the 
maximum  depth of the class tree is 4 and it's average branching factor 
is 2.56    (011)

My original intent was to do this same think with the CL/KIF, so while 
discussion starts up around OWL (I hope folks are not at the beach), I 
plan to shift my focus to begin work with SNARK.    (012)

In addition to encouraging broader participation, I hope to encourage 
sustainability in this work, so I've supplemented the ontology with a 
few dublin core tags. Creator (me) and rights (Creative Commons 
attribution). I would welcome adding as a contributor anyone that offers 
advice, modifications, etc.    (013)

Anyway, I'm confident there's some valuable knowledge in the manuscript. 
Hopefully, the ontology can do it justice with some broad participation 
by the experts on the ontolog-forum. I look forward to hearing more from 
ontolog forum members and welcome your comments.    (014)

Best wishes,    (015)

Rick    (016)

email:  rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
web:    http://www.rickmurphy.org
blog:   http://spout.rickmurphy.org
cell:   703-201-9129    (017)

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