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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:07:04 -0400
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Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> All,
> A quick FYI:
> 1. http://esw.w3.org/topic/SQL2OWL (an evolving project addressing SQL 
> to RDF based Data Integration)
> 2. 
> (a recent blog post and demonstration using the popular Northwind 
> Database Schema)
All,    (01)

Here are some additional items (nested in the links in the earlier post) 
that are worth looking at.    (02)

1. RDF Views Documenation: 
http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/Whitepapers/pdf/Virtuoso_SQL_to_RDF_Mapping.pdf    (03)

2. RDF Views Presentations: 
http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/presentations/Virtuoso_RDF_Views_1.ppt    (04)

It is now possible to use SPARQL[1] to declare how SQL Rows are mapped 
to Entities defined in Conceptual Model Schema (OWL or RDFS). What may 
not be obvious, is the fact that this now applies to ODBC and JDBC 
accessible Databases via the Virtual DBMS layer built into Virtuoso; 
alongside the fact that Virtuoso possesses a full blown native 
SQL-ORDBMS with SPARQL & RDF Data Management in-built. Thus, it is now 
possible to generate Entity Sets (RDF instance data) from data held 
captive in a myriad of SQL DBMS engines, Web Services (SOAP or REST), 
and other data sources.    (05)

It is also important to note that the aforementioned native or 3rd party 
data sources, once exposed as RDF instance data, also inherit the power 
of "Linked Data"[2]; implying that URIs (Entity Object IDs) are fully 
dereferencable (i.e. containers of references to other Entities via URIs 
/ Object IDs)  Thus, a Customer URI becomes a pointer to all related 
Orders by said Customer, ditto Products associated with the Customer 
Order (via Order Lines), and Categories of the Order, and so on (as 
demonstrated in the Dynamic Linked Data page in my demo).    (06)

If you do get round to interacting with my live linked data demos, note 
how an enhanced hyperlink behaviour (what you experience when you click 
on a data link) is used to expose a variety of data interaction routes 
such as:    (07)

1. Explore - Get Data for current Entity and all related Entities
2. Dererference - Get Data for the current Entity only    (08)

Links:    (09)

1. http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/ - SPARQL Query Language
2. http://linkeddata.org/ - Linked Data portal.    (010)

--     (011)

Regards,    (012)

Kingsley Idehen       Weblog: http://www.openlinksw.com/blog/~kidehen
President & CEO 
OpenLink Software     Web: http://www.openlinksw.com    (013)

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