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Re: [ontolog-forum] glossary and resources {was glossary of ontology ter

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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 16:15:11 +0700
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Dear Peter
thanks a lot for organizing the search box, useful!
Now, I searched for glossary, and lots of stuff come up,

I would like to aim for a one, two, or three clicks at the most to access a definition,

yes, I see the the value to have one page where all the glossaries that we know of can be linked to, for the purpose of consolidation etc

I mean something like the following url structure


 I will leave you guys to make some progress on that at the conference call tonight

Next problem: I am compiling a list of 'ontology editors' or 'ontology tools',
the ontoweb survey is 2002, should we aim to keep a page on the wiki with updated entries
there must have been some changes in the space since 2002, or not?


will leave you to discuss at the conference call tonight

thanks a lot


  "glossary of ontology terminology" (the way you posed it)
  "glossary of ontology taxonomy terminology"

...  with the "Search ontolog.cim3.net ", "Search cim3.net" and
"Search the Web" facilities, with interesting results. Try it (if you
haven't already!)

Cheers.  =ppy

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