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Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 20:30:55 -0400
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We at Apelon appreciate the interest in DTS and would like to respond to some of the helpful observations in this forum.


We’ve updated the FAQ to answer the question of “What is DTS?”  Briefly, The Distributed Terminology System (DTS) was developed by Apelon to provide robust and comprehensive support for the acquisition, management and deployment of terminologies, code sets, and mappings. DTS supports standard terminologies, potentially with local enhancements, as well as local terminologies, and terminology subsets, in both production and back office environments for a wide range of healthcare applications (although the software is in no way limited to healthcare).  DTS is a proven suite of Java-based terminology software components organized in a three-tier architecture.  The DTS Server supports Java and C# client APIs for uniform access to multiple terminologies housed in a relational database (Oracle and SQL Server are supported; open source database systems are under consideration).   DTS includes a web-based Browser and an extensible desktop Editor, along with a suite of extensible plug-ins for import, export, query and enhanced display.  All DTS software components are now available under the popular Apache 2.0 open source license.  In addition, Apelon offers commercial software support as well as subscription content services for those desiring convenient and timely access to a wide variety of leading medical terminologies.  For further information, see the DTS White Paper at http://www.apelon.com/products/white%20papers/DTS%20White%20Paper%20V34.pdf.  (We have not yet updated the White Paper to reflect the open source availability, but will do so shortly.)


DTS documentation is included in the SourceForge download package.  For convenience, we’ve also made the documentation directly available from the SourceForge DTS Wiki: http://apelon-dts.wiki.sourceforge.net/DTS+3.4.1+Documents


The DTS Editor is distinct from Mycroft, which is a standalone viewer for terminologies such as SNOMED CT, CPT, and ICD-9-CM (Mycroft is not open source but is available at no cost from http://support.apelon.com/mycroft/download.asp).


The Editor and another Principal Contributor to the HL7 / ANSI standard Common Terminology Services (CTS) specification are Apelon employees.  We look forward to continued participation in future CTS developments.


We also welcome further questions on the SourceForge site or otherwise.



Caroline Lim Macumber

Informatics Consultant

Apelon, Inc.


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