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[ontolog-forum] Invitation to April 17 Expedition wrkshp at NSF: Achievi

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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 16:16:47 -0400
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You are invited to the EPIC Collaborative Expedition Workshop #60 on
Achieving Value & Improving Performance across the Federal Enterprise.     (01)

When: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST 
Where: National Science Foundation (NSF), Stafford I Bldg, Room 1235 
(NSF Board Room), 4201 Wilson Blvd , Ballston, VA
Organizers: Enterprise Process Improvement Community of Practice (EPIC), 
Linda Ibrahim, FAA and Diane Reeves, DoI, Co-chairs
Link to agenda and workshop location:
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ExpeditionWorkshop/Achieving_High_Enterprise_Performance_By_Connecting_ProcessImprovement_KM_And_EA    (02)

RSVP: Susan.Turnbull@xxxxxxx to obtain NSF Visitor Badge or participate 
remotely    (03)

See News and Announcements for Additional April-May Events:
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid35O0    (04)

Workshop Purpose: 
How can we achieve value and improve performance across the Federal 
enterprise? This workshop intends to identify obstacles that potentially 
hinder the Government from improving, and conduct a collaborative search 
for ways to overcome obstructions and deal with these tough issues.    We 
have identified four major areas for discussion at this first Enterprise 
Process Improvement Community of Practice (EPIC) workshop: 
1) Process Enterprise : How can we encourage Government to recognize the 
value of describing, managing, and improving the processes we perform to 
achieve our mission? How can we ensure that our business processes are 
aligned to achieve organizational goals? 
2 ) Best Practice and Standards : How can we efficiently and effectively 
incorporate standards-based best practices in the work that we do every 
day? What value do international and national standards provide to the 
3)  Management, Change, and Culture : How can we promote process 
improvement with executives, business partners, and organizational 
managers? Who is responsible for process improvement and enterprise 
architecture? Is it beyond the CIO? How can we motivate the Government to 
4)  Process Improvement and Enterprise Architecture : How are these 
related? How can they be coordinated? How can we ensure "best practices" 
are used in "to-be" processes? Can we tie process improvement to the FEA 
Framework?     (05)

Workshop Agenda: 
8:30 am            Check-in & Coffee 
8:45 am            Welcome & Workshop Introduction 
9:15 am            Panel of Breakout Keynotes (four breakout keynotes): 
1) Linking Process to Enterprise Goals - Ken Orr (confirmed), 
2) Standards & Best Practices for Process Improvement - Francois Coallier 
3) Cultural & Management Issues - George Strawn 
10:45 am          Break 
11:00 am          Panel of Breakout Keynotes (continued): 
4) Tying Enterprise Architecture & Process Improvement - Dick Burk 
11:30 am          Keynote Speaker - Tom Koulopoulos 
12:30 am          Networking Lunch (75 minutes - on your own) 
1:45 pm            Break-Out Sessions 1-4: Organizing for Creativity, 
Credible Agreements, & Joint Action 
2:45 pm            Break 
3:00 pm            Reports from Break-Out Sessions 
4:00 pm            Closing Remarks & What's Next? 
4:15-4:45pm     Adjourn & Networking     (06)

Best Regards,
Susan    (07)

Susan B. Turnbull 
Co-chair, Emerging Technology SC, Architecture and Infrastructure 
Co-chair, Social, Economic, and 
Workforce Implications of IT CG, Subcommittee on Networking and IT R&D
Senior Program Advisor
Intergovernmental Solutions Division
Office of Citizen Services and Communications
US General Services Administration
p 202.501.6214
http://www.gsa.gov/collaborate     (08)

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