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[ontolog-forum] Storage and retrival of domain knowledge***correction

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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 22:25:49 +0700
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*******correction****************    (01)

Dear Chandan    (02)

A polite post informs me that KIF offers knowledge modellng properties
that I am not aware of, see the snippet from Peter below    (03)

I  am rather  firm about knowledge modelling requirements for an
expert system, but admittedly I have superficial knowledge of KIF and
its ability to serve this purpose,    (04)

 As hopefully it was clear from my reply, I do not have direct
experience with KIF, although the public documentation availble  seems
to declare what KIF is good for, and what is not so good for    (05)

http://logic.stanford.edu/kif/dpans.html#Scope    (06)

 I am willing to hear more about KIF, learn additional persectives,
interpretations of your research question.and possible approaches that
I am not aware of    (07)

Please anyone who has more to say about KIF share!    (08)

(i should have simply added to my original post:  It would be great to
hear what others have to say, but somehow it did not seem necessary in
this fofum)    (09)

Thanks Peter for pointing this out, and apologies if my suggestion was confusing    (010)

Paola Di Maio    (011)

---------- Forwarded message ----------    (012)

>>>> KIF is probably the most expressive, sound and complete
language* one can model knowledge (internally) with, that has been
around and is field proven. (*ref: Gruning & Bock - "Evaluating
Reasoning Systems: Ontology Languages" -
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_02_22)    (013)

--    (014)

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