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To: "Slaysman, Denise C." <DENISE.C.SLAYSMAN@xxxxxxxx>, <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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From: Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:39:03 -0700
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Hi Denise,    (01)

I am copying the Ontolog-Forum with this reply. 
Because this is a web-based community and is not 
organized as either a non-profit nor a for-profit 
but as a community of interest, there is no 
specific mechanism for distributing your 
information in a more structured way. I have 
attached the job description because I have 
vetted it, so your needs are being made known to 
what is probably the widest audience of 
ontology-related interests and individuals 
available. Whether you will turn up a candidate 
with the both the requisite experience in 
Emergency Response Management and the software 
packages listed, is another matter. I am keenly 
interested in both ERM and Ontology, and have 
co-moderated a panel discussion on this topic, as 
well as working with the OASIS Emergency 
Management Technical Committee and the 
Service-Oriented Architecture Reference Model 
Technical Committee, but lack the specific skill 
set you require.    (02)

Rex Brooks    (03)

At 10:25 AM -0400 3/15/07, Slaysman, Denise C. wrote:
>I am working on a job vacancy for an Ontology 
>Engineer in Somerset, KY.  My internet research 
>has brought me to you.  Could you point me to 
>some resources that allow employers to post job 
>vacancies?  I need to target a systems architect 
>w/ ontology experience who may be interested in 
>an Emergency Response Project.
>Any help you can provide is appreciated.  I am 
>attaching the job description.   
><http://www.saic.com/>www.saic.com   Requisition 
># 77761
>Thanks for any assistance.
>Denise C. Slaysman
>Homeland Protection & Preparedness Business Unit
>fax: 443-402-9487
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>engineer.doc (WDBN/«IC») (001E5E9A)    (04)

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
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Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309    (05)

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