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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 13:55:49 -0400
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 Ontolog,    (01)

        Please see attached paper from the SICoP Cross Domain Semantic 
Interoperability WG.      (02)

The Abstract reads:    (03)

        "Enterprises need data interoperability across all of their own 
systems, and with external systems.  The Federal CIO Council Strategic Plan, FY 
2007  2009, calls for, interoperability across Federal, state, tribal, and 
local governments, as well as partners in the commercial and academic sectors. 
        Current technologies such as XML, metadata, RDF, OWL, and stand-alone 
ontologies can achieve data interoperability, but only within domains or 
Communities of Interest (COI), or between limited numbers of these.  These 
technologies cannot today achieve data interoperability across the many domains 
found in most large enterprises.   To achieve this goal, leading organizations 
will need to invest in emerging technologies and mature them to where they are 
ready for enterprise-wide implementation."      (04)

        The CDSI WG web site is at http://www.visualknowledge.com/wiki/CDSI.    (05)

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