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Christopher Menzel <cmenzel@xxxxxxxx> writes:    (01)

> > The most recent issue of "the review of Metaphysics" (March 2007, Vol.
> > LX, No. 3, Issue No. 239) arrived yesterday and has the following
> > article by Charlotta Weigelt: "The Relation Between Logic and Ontology
> > in Metaphyics."
> Well, far be it from me to play metaphysics cop here and presume to  
> dictate what folks ought to study vis-a-vis the subject matter of  
> this forum, but Weigelt is a Heidegger scholar, and Heidegger's  
> (frequent) use of both "logic" and "ontology" have about as much to  
> do with formal reasoning and formal ontology as they do with, say,  
> making a fluffy soufflé.  (Come to think of it, they probably have  
> less to do with the former than the latter.)
> Chris Menzel    (02)

I'm impressed by your erudition, but I question the wisdom of any
prejudice regarding the distinction between the study of formalisms
and the study of being.  Seems to me that there have been times when
students of formalisms have been surprised to discover their practical
applications, and in the other direction, the study of nature has
yielded quite a harvest of formal expressions famous for their
practical usefulness.    (03)

Or maybe your point is that we, here, constitute a community that
should not use the term "ontology" in the normal English sense, but
only in the specialized computer sense.  If that's your agenda, OK,
but what term shall we use for "the metaphysical study of the nature
of being and existence", or for its twin and handmaiden, the study of
identity and the art of its representation?  I can't believe that your
agenda is to deprive us of a way to talk about these things, thereby
to limit the scope of our discussions!    (04)

-- Steve    (05)

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