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Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 09:17:04 -0800
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Has anyone on this list any experience with DITA or any opinions of it?  I got this today and it seems that DITA is gaining in terms of vendor support.


One of the major benefits of an XML-based publishing system is the ability to reuse and share information. However, this can be a challenge when you need to share information across divisions with varying rules and requirements. How do you create a single data model that is easy for authors to use, supports the needs of each division, and remains flexible enough to allow interchange across your organization?

In PTC’s recently updated, complimentary white paper, “DITA – Four Letters You Need to Know,” learn about the unique methodology that DITA employs to address the challenges of interoperability. With DITA you can:

• Create modular information for dynamic reuse across your organization
• Easily maintain interchangeable data models for each type of document you create
• Automate processing, assembly and publishing of your information for any output

PTC is committed to providing the most powerful and complete solution for DITA. Only PTC’s Arbortext solution for DITA provides:

• Complete authoring support for maps and topics
• Conversion capabilities for legacy content
• Link management
• Integrated functionality for content management and review & approval cycles
• Rich publishing capabilities for any media, including print and electronic

Download this complimentary white paper now to learn how DITA can help you realize the promise of XML: more productive authors, better quality information, and publishing processes that are not only faster but also less expensive.

To download your free whitepaper click here <http://www.ptc.com/read?&amp;p=43976&amp;u=1-KGLA-1423&amp;c=1-24SHMT&amp;o=1-24UBFE&amp;w=779747&amp;t=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ptc.com%2Fappserver%2Fwcms%2Fforms%2Findex.jsp%3Fim_dbkey%3D43976%26icg_dbkey%3D482> .

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