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Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:09:52 -0500
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Paola,    (01)

I very strongly agree that abstraction is extremely important
and that it should be recognized as a valuable technique
that is applicable to subject matter of any kind.    (02)

My only criticism is to note the statement in one of the
papers you cited:  "knowledge representation and abstraction
are not independent."    (03)

People have been using abstraction techniques together
with knowledge representation since the time of Aristotle.
To avoid multiplying different fields, I suggest that one
term be used as the overall umbrella word that covers all
the others.    (04)

I really don't care whether the overall term is called
"knowledge representation", "conceptual analysis", or
whatever.  But it's important to have an umbrella term
for all the cases.  Then you can have parallel terminology:    (05)

    knowledge representation -- the task of analyzing the
       concepts in any body of knowledge, defining appropriate
       abstractions, and mapping the results to a logic-based
       notation.    (06)

    knowledge engineer -- one who does knowledge representation.    (07)

If you have too many terms at the top level, you get a
combinatorial explosion:    (08)

    knowledge engineer -- one who does KR    (09)

    abstraction engineer -- one who abstracts    (010)

    ontological engineer -- one who develops ontologies    (011)

    conceptual engineer -- one who analyzes concepts    (012)

And all the possible combinations:    (013)

    knowledge & abstraction engineer    (014)

    ontology & abstraction & conceptual engineer    (015)

    knowledge & ontology & abstraction engineer    (016)

    etc.    (017)

If the same person is expected to do all these things, we need
a single term for the subject and the person who works on it.    (018)

John Sowa    (019)

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