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Hi Terry,    (01)

I would like to pass a suggestion along to Todd, if you get the 
chance to speak with him. It would be much appreciated by those of us 
who can't attend in person if the briefing itself had a 
teleconference line and better yet if it included web conference such 
as the Ontolog Forum provides through cost-free VNC.    (02)

I understand that this is standard DARPA and FBO policy, so I am not 
holding my breath, but I think that when the fact that the cost is 
not a budget buster, it should get a fair hearing.    (03)

Rex    (04)

At 4:47 PM -0500 1/25/07, Janssen, Terry L. [C] wrote:
>The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Information
>Exploitation Office (IXO), announces a Briefing to Industry (BTI) associated
>with the intended release of Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) 07-13, the
>Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGENT) Program.
>The purpose of the BTI is to outline the URGENT Program technical goals and
>problems to potential Proposers.  All presented materials will be made
>available via Internet when the BAA 07-13 is published, along with a FAQ
>including all questions and answers.  The BTI is scheduled for Thursday, 1
>February 2007, and will be held in Arlington, VA, from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.
>Detailed information about the BTI may be found at:
>http://www.schafertmd.com/URGENT2007. A no-cost, pre-registration for the
>BAA 07-13 BTI is required.  A list of attendees, including name,
>organization, phone number, and (optionally) specific teaming interest will
>be posted at that URL.  The deadline for the BTI pre-registration is 25
>January 2007.  The full BAA 07-13 solicitation is anticipated to be released
>on or about 24 January 2007 through FedBizOpps.     Attendance is not
>required to propose to the BAA 07-13. Similarly, attendance will have no
>direct bearing on proposal evaluations.
>The URGENT program will develop techniques for the rapid exploitation of EO
>and LIDAR sensor data at the city scale (100s square kilometers) to
>recognize urban objects down to the soldier scale (<1 cubic meters).  URGENT
>will apply image processing technology to geospatially registered 2D/3D data
>collected from airborne and terrestrial sources, yielding precise
>annotations for the objects in an urban area.  Traditional pattern
>recognition systems, biologically inspired computer vision technology, and
>machine learning algorithms are among the approaches of interest to the
>URGENT program.  The URGENT goal is to achieve a 100x increase in analyst
>productivity with equal or better accuracy compared to the unassisted human
>image analyst.
>Todd Hughes, Ph.D.
>Program Manager
>DARPATech  |  August 7-9, 2007  |  Anaheim, California On-line registration
>opens April 9, 2007 www.darpa.mil
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