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[ontolog-forum] Reminder to Register for Special SICoP Conference on Feb

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See the agenda at http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoPSpecialConference_2007_02_06
and send an email ASAP to lrussel2@xxxxxxx
Remote access information is provided on the Wiki page and a video recording will be made and posted afterwards.


Hear Lucian Russell (DRM 2.0 author), Bryan Aucoin (DRM 2.0 author and former Co-Chair, Data Architecture Subcommittee), Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton WordNet), Lola Olsen (Director, NASA Global Change Master Directory), John Prange (Language Computer Corporation), Michael Witbrock (CYCORP) discuss:

"The Data Reference Model exists to give Guidance to Federal Agencies on how to share data of all kinds. Currently it provides separate abstract structures for Data Description and Data Context. However, although prior to 2006 this separation made sense it would appear that it no longer does. Therefore it is possible to unify the Data Description and Data Contents by creating an intelligent Directory Interchange Format type structure which will be used to build a knowledge base. This would be the model in the DRM 3.0. This is Web 3.0 Technology because it reasons about content and adds it."


and that is just the morning!


In the afternoon, hear Mills Davis (SICoP Co-Chair and author of SICoP Module 2 White Paper "Semantic Wave 2006: Executive Guide to the

Business Value of Semantic Technologies"), Semantic Wiki Developers (Visual Knowledge, Revelytix, and Semantic Insights), and Frank Olken

(Detailee to the National Science Foundation on NSF Support for Semantic Web Research). It doesn't get much more interesting and exciting than this for our community!


SICoP, Co-Chair

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