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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 14:42:04 +0700
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Pat, sorry I am 'lil short
my suggestion is ignore what you dont understand (not important what i was saying there) and concentrate on what you understand of the discussion below, if of interest (core of thread), - hopefully enough to follow the discussion

K -: 
I am not using "Lethal" as an adverb to describe what we do, but as an adjective to describe our powerfully collective "minds" in an intended provocative mash-up so that we would start the very discussion that we have started here.  We ontologists seem to choke on the very words that we enjoy. We can certainly change the adjective. 

OK: Brainstorm is open
first, what are we trying to do here exactly?
pdm: design and implement a collective decision making process for research to be peer reviewed and published independently from journal lifecycle //

Q is this needed? feasible?desirable?

K, can you give feedback on FOSS Open Journal,

if yes then

Start wiki page and continue there?

Total Agreement: 
I certainly hope that our choice of words will have implications and consequences on representation and inference and behaviour. My language is my land that I will not sell.
Minor Addition:
As part of the real challenge in collaborative decision making projects NOT ONLY do we have to largely overcome verbal, opinions and views conflicts with folks BUT WE ALSO have to overcome these challenges with  folks you DON"T KNOW and may never know outside of the collaborative environment.
Modest Proposal:
One on the great things about Wikipedia is their NPOV "Neutral Point Of View" contract.  Can we benefit from something similar??

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