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Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:03:07 -0800
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Fyi ...    (01)

(Would anyone like to help organize an Ontolog workshop 
during this Conference? ... mid July 2007, Budapest, 
--    (02)
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Protege Users,    (01)

We are pleased to announce that the 10th International Protege 
Conference will be held July 15-18, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary.  Please 
mark these dates on your calendar and plan to join us for a few days 
this summer.     (02)

The conference is a forum to discuss ontology development and 
management, applications using ontologies, common problems and 
solutions. The conference is also an opportunity for Protege users to 
meet the Protege team, and to learn about our current activities and plans.    (03)

The conference will include one day of tutorials and small focused 
workshops and two and a half days of the main conference. The main 
program will include presentations, a poster session, and a demo 
session. Thus, we would like to solicit your contributions for all the 
events at the conference. You can find the detailed Calls for 
contributions at the conference Web site: 
http://protege.stanford.edu/conference/2007/.  There will be a review 
process for abstracts and the number of presentations will be limited.  
All events at the conference will address the following topics (the list 
is not exhaustive):    (04)

- ontology development
- frames vs description logic
- standard terminologies
- biomedical applications
- other innovative applications
- interoperability between different formats
- plug-in development
- visualization tools
- project management
- ontology tools
- reasoning and inference    (05)

We look forward to your contributions and to seeing as many of you as 
possible in July!    (06)

The Protege Team    (07)

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