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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 11:26:35 -0500
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Hi Ian,


Welcome to Ontolog Forum.


I am involved with Ontolog's Taxo-Thesaurus project which involves ontologizing enterprise content for solving a few needs of our members and the broader community. (See the July '06 Session at Protege Conference at Stanford for details on our work with our co-chair, Denise Bedford of the World Bank).

As this Ontolog community values open software, you might find some push-back.

However, I am interested in K3's functionalities and if possible would like to download K3, when available.

Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Tall Tree Labs
Ontolog Forum/Taxo-Thesaurus Project Co-Chair

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Subject: [ontolog-forum] Connecting Ontologies to the various and disparate enterprise data

Hi all

I have just joined this list and thought it might be useful to describe where I am coming from so to speak?

We have been keeping what's mentioned below close to our chest for quite a long time. 

This website: www.insilicodiscovery.com - introduces a particular focus of Enterprise Semantic Search, supported with Semantic Web Services and Federated Data Integration technology - that begins to answer the following question:

Experts driving most of these early adopter initiatives express a common theme:

              1. "We have all this OWL/RDF specification happening in Protege etc"
              2. "We have tons of Oracle/relational and non relational legacy data"

       "How are we going to connect 1. & 2. for any useful purpose?"

The In Silico Discovery company has fully updated, redeveloped and commercialized leading edge software technologies originating from The University of Manchester (originally known as TAMBIS), The University of Pennsylvania (originally Kleisli or K1), and GlaxoSmithKline (originally K2) - software that has been developed and refined for more than a decade. 

We are in the final stages of releasing downloadable trial software for early adopters anticipating strategic advantage through the earliest possible deployment of semantic web technologies. This should appeal to people and organizations that have an interest in developing an Enterprise Semantic Web - and as such are investigating or already developing ontologies in RDF/RDF-S and OWL/OWL-DL/OWL-S - and need to find optimal tools for essentially connecting the ontologies to any and all of the disparate relational & non relational enterprise/external web data

I look forward to connecting with you all in due course. Of course I'm happy to receive any questions or comments (my email and contact numbers are on the web site).

Thank you. 

Regards, Ian
Ian Goldsmid

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