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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 11:10:02 -0700
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On Nancy Faget's referral, I am posting this opportunity to our 
Ontolog community membership here (for Henry Robinson of Binary 
Consulting). They are looking for qualified candidates for an 
(US) Air Force Enterprise Vocabulary project:    (01)

We are looking for individuals with taxonomy and ontology or 
vocabulary development experience to serve as technical experts 
assisting Air Force Communities of Interest (COIs) in the 
development of taxonomies and information exchange vocabularies. 
  This initiative is being funded as part of the Air Force Net 
Centric Data Strategy under DOD 8320.2.  The Air Force has 
solicited our company, Binary Consulting, Inc., to hire 
individuals for three Enterprise Vocabulary Teams to assist COI 
representatives in establishing cross-domain and cross-service 
information exchange standards or Information Vocabularies. These 
vocabularies will consist of dictionaries, taxonomies, 
ontologies, data sources and information modeling products. We 
are looking for experienced taxonomists, ontologists and 
vocabulary specialists who can help in this effort on a full-time 
or part-time/consulting basis. The work will be done primarily 
here in the Washington, DC area; however, there are additional 
job opportunities for non-local candidates willing to travel and 
support COI sites out of this area.    (02)

Additionally, the position will require candidates to be 
clearance-eligible, meaning US Citizenship is required. The 
individuals will be processed for a clearance if they do not 
possess an active clearance.
//    (03)

Folks interested in the opportunity should contact Henry Robinson 
directly ( email: hrobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ).    (04)

Good luck!  =ppy
--    (05)

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