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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 11:36:26 -0500
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Hi Peter:      (01)

Regarding your enquiry about whether my copyrighted ontology-based enterprise 
management and enterprise architecture approach is "proprietary", the 
methodology and metaschema I am providing are available under the Creative 
Commons Attributed, Share-Alike, Non-Commercial license, meaning that it can be 
used perpetually for non-commercial purposes after free registration.  See 
http://www.one-world-is.com/beam. Commercial use is available through a 
low-cost annual service provider or VAR license.    (02)

The technology I'm applying to support EM/EA approach is currently a commercial 
knowledge modeling and management repository (i.e., Steve Hunter's Agilense 
product), but I could also use Protégé if I wanted to put in the extra effort 
to add in the operationally/executable-architecture, virtual application, 
general-use modeling, and graphical modeling functionality provided by Agilense.    (03)

CommIT Enterprises, Inc.
Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Management, Security, and Knowledge    (04)

Roy Roebuck III
Senior Enterprise Architect 
2231 Crystal Drive, Ste 501
Arlingon, VA 22202 
+1 (703)-598-2351
+1 (703) 486-5540
+1 (703) 486-5506 
Add me to your address book...

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From: Peter P. Yim [mailto:peter.yim@xxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 1:39 AM
To: Denise Bedford; Conor Shankey; Jack Park; Roy Roebuck; Michael Maximilien
Cc: Kurt Conrad; [ontolog-admin]; Duane Nickull; Rex Brooks; Bob Smith
Subject: Follow-up on speaker invitations    (06)

Hello Denise, Conor, Jack, Roy & Max (inviting MikeGenesereth and 
UIMA speakers), (along with Duane, Kurt, Rex and Bob,)    (07)

I am writing to follow-up on the discussion we had during our 
Feb. 16, 2006 Ontolog conference call, during which we discussed 
the invitation of you guys to come present at Ontolog (which Kurt 
and I were supposed to follow-up offline with you all on.)    (08)

[I apologize for not having done the follow-up sooner, as I had 
to make an emergency trip out-of-the-country, and after my 
return, had been consumed with the preparation work for the Upper 
Ontology Summit.]    (09)

For those of you who are new to the scene, let me reiterate 
Ontolog's 'open' (open technology, open content, open standard, 
open knowledge, ...) policy. We nominally only feature speakers 
who have made valuable contribution to our field, and who are 
doing 'open' and 'original' work that are relevant to the Ontolog 
charter. The only sessions that we have agreed that we will 
feature proprietary technologies would be at the "Ontology 
Application and Implementation" Session(s) that DuaneNickull and 
KurtConrad has spearheaded. Additionally, we also make an attempt 
not to duplicate efforts with BrandNiemann and Susan Turnbull's 
Collaborative Expedition Workshop or SICoP Event speakers (at 
least, not on the same talks) given that we share our invitation 
lists and have a considerable overlap between our respective 
communities (call this the 'non-duplicative' policy).    (010)

I believe Jack (on IRIS, or possibly together with AdamCheyer to 
speak on IRIS and CALO), MikeGenesereth (topic of his choice) and 
UIMA will satisfy both the 'open' and the 'non-duplicative' 
policies. I also realize that if Denise were to tell us about her 
WorldBank work with Teragram (which is a proprietary technology), 
that would need to be part of an "Application/Implementation" 
session (where the 'open' policy may be temporarily waived).    (011)

I have a feeling Conor and Roy are both working with 
'proprietary' technologies too, but I'm not sure. Could you both 
confirm this for me, please. [attn: Conor & Roy]    (012)

With our two upcoming "Ontolog Content Tagging" sessions, 
possibly one "Application/Implementation" session, and one 
"health" or "emergency response" session and say, 3 invited 
speaker sessions, we'll probably put together a very exciting 
programming for the next 3 months.    (013)

Let's hear back from everyone (prior to this Thursday's call as 
to which upcoming Thursdays (which you already know) won't work 
for you within the next 3 months or so (starting from 3/23 
through end June 2006.) That way, we'll have a better handle when 
we do our planning at our Thu 3/9 call. Your help here is much 
appreciated. [attn: ALL on the to: or c.c. list.]    (014)

Thank you very much for the support.    (015)

Best regards.  =ppy
--    (016)

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