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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:07:37 -0500
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Peter, Barry, All --    (01)

Some naive questions please.    (02)

In reading your excellent discussion about Concept Maps and Topic Maps, 
the thought arises -- Is there a denotation for all this notation? (You 
may remember the Logic-in-AI slogan "no notation without denotation").    (03)

In other words:    (04)

Are there theories that say what consequences are supposed to follow 
from any schema + instances Map?    (05)

If so, is negation monotonic or non-mon?    (06)

Are there inference methods that implement such theories?    (07)

Are there systems in which one can query and 'run' machine notations 
corresponding to the maps?
E.g. can I ask whether a new instance I have in mind conforms to a schema?    (08)

Thanks in advance for educating me about this. -- Adrian Walker    (09)

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Peter F Brown wrote:    (014)

>The simple answer is "Yes" (even if I suspect a trap here somewhere!):
>Association types "InstanceOf", "is-a", are built into the standard with
>well defined Published Subject Indicators (PSIs) already. Using those is
>TM allows to create whatever levels you wish. You would perhaps have a
>different association type to connect 'types' from the association type to
>connect 'instances'. i.e. Types may be explicitly typed themselves as a
>'Topic Type', thus the allowed role players in the class level adjacent_to
>would be only topics of type 'Topic Type'.
>(Thanks to Graham Moore from NetworkedPlanet for help on this)
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