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[ontolog-forum] UN/CEFACT CCTS Conference Call notes.

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Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 09:50:44 -0800
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To: Alain Chapdaniel; Andy Schoka; Serm Kulvantunyou; Debra Cimbala; Duane Nickull; Sylvia Webb; Sue Probert; Freddy De Vos; Stig Korstgaard; Fred Van Blommenstein; Steve Capell; Steve Rudelic; Olli Pekka Pauna; Nenad Ivezic; Michael Rowell; Michael Onder; Michael Dill; Mary Kay Blantz; Francis Berthomieu; Margaret Pemberton; Molly Anderson; Kumar Sivaraman; Kris Ketels; Joerg Walther; Jeffrey Barrett; Jean Luc Champion; James Whittle; Ivan Bedini; Hisanao Sugamata; Gunther Stuhec; Gilles Brandel; Garret Minakawa; Frank Van Damme; Joe Zhou; Kenji Itoh/J; Andreas Schultz; Marianne Khouzam; Stephan Sutter; Anders W. Tell; Paula Heilig; Kees Sparreboom; OVE NESVIK; Hugo de Keyser; Mark Crawford
Subject: Yesterday's conf.call


Hi all,

on yesterdays conf. call we were with Sylvia Webb, Joe Zhou, Serm Kulvantunyou, Anders Tell and myself.
Apologies from Freddy de Vos, Mary Kay Blantz, Fred van Blommenstein and Michael Dill.

my notes:
- We still don't have a place to store our docs. TMG is looking for another host/CMS system as Mambo is lacking some features. Decision due this week.
- UN list support quality remains unclear, I'm sending this through my private list.
- Main issue on CCMA remains: what is a message? I think we can all agree that the term is overloaded in the domain, together with 'document' and 'interchange', amongst others :-). Also, the terms are somewhat overlapping.

Some questions raised by Mark Crawford earlier this month:
- Does a document assembly ABIE contain BBIEs?
- How is the SBDH information handled?
- Does a document assembly ABIE require a corresponding CC? (a firm NO from Mark on this one)
- How are the specific information requirements of the NDRs handled in the RSM, BRS, process models, spreadsheets?
- How are document assembly constructs stored in the registry?
- How are document assembly constructs passed to ATG?
- How are document assembly constructs differentiated between the different syntax specific expressions available from ATG?

Mary Kay also raised an issue:
- Can a document assembly contain 'standalone' BBIEs?

Next meeting is scheduled in two weeks, 16:00 CET on Monday.


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