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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:27:53 +0000
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Peter et al:

Jeff Pulver's ( jeff@xxxxxxxxxx ) FreeWorldDialUp may or may not be of interest http://www.freeworlddialup.com/


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>Subject: Re: [OT] + Re: [ontolog-forum] Semantic Web Services (SWS) panel at ICSOC 2005 on December 12 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
>Sounds great, Max. Thanks. =ppy
>Michael Maximilien wrote Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:10:56 -0800:
>> Hi Peter,
>> > (c) I am only familiar with the former, and I believe it has a
>> > maximum of 5 parties (in the conference call) only
>> > ... that's why I would really like to find out more (available,
>> > limitations, costs, ... etc.) if one could do better than that.
>> You are right, but things change so we should watch this space.
>> What I was thinking, depending on how many would plan to call, was:
>> 1) Use Skype conferencing---if calling audience is limited
>> OR
>> 2) Use my Skype account to call my conference call number (SkypeOut) and
>> distribute that number to the interested participants. I can handle
>> unlimited (well maybe too strong of a word :) but I can handle many
>> callers and it has a free 866 number, at least for those in the US and a
>> worldwide toll number
>> Open to other suggestions, assuming we have a > 4 audience on the phone.
>> I may also have to check with the conference organizers to make sure I
>> would not be violating any prior agreement or rules for the conference...
>> Take care,
>> E. M. (Max) Maximilien, Ph.D.
>> IBM Almaden Research Center
>> San Jose, CA USA
>> maxim@xxxxxxxxxx
>> Homepage: http://maximilien.org

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