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Re: [health-ont] Rex's Health Informatics Follow Up

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Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:51:45 -0700
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Thanks for the update, Ed,    (01)

I think we are in a position to keep these lines of communication 
open, and hopefully to encourage more exchange of information and 
ideas, especially about the ways in which practical applications of 
ontology in computing can be extremely useful and a key to better 
performance and lower cost.    (02)

Rex    (03)

At 12:35 PM -0400 8/26/05, <dodds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Rex et al:
>Re: Medical Banking - John Casillas was ill so he didn't
>catch the call but I gave him the link for follow up. I think
>John Hardin was just booked prepping for the ebSOA call. He's
>the tech advisor and David Webber has given some advice over
>the past few months as has Monica Martin and Farrukh Najmi.
>I'm a workgroup member as well and I have been trying to
>unofficially liaise between OASIS, OMG and MBP in terms of
>making certain the folks working on developments in one group
>which may benefit the others hear about. {I dislike
>I know that John Hardin and Asuman Dogac have begun
>communicating recently about the IHE XDS, business processes
>and Semantic connections; John's also got the connection with
>the UDEF work.
>All this to say I think the MBP Cooperative Open-source
>Medical Banking Architecture & Technology initiative [
>http://www.mbproject.org/combat-homepage.php ] would like to
>encourage this work -- but this is as with everyone else's
>situation -- as resources allow.
>Ed Dodds
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