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From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:41:00 -0800
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I am pleased to inform everyone that the ONTOLOG wiki system has just been
upgraded, and all previous content successfully migrated to the new system.    (01)

  See: http://ontolog.cim3.net/wiki/    (02)

These are some of the highlights of the new upgrade:    (03)

 o  improved User Interface    (04)

 o  visited pages ("bread crumb") trail to help people get back to pages they 
just visited    (05)

 o  RSS support (to allow syndication of the latest changes)    (06)

 o  content filtering (in addition to IP filtering) to help fight wiki spam    (07)

 o  account creation (and login) with CAPTCHA spambot blocking    (08)

 o  InterMap - for easy navigation to other wiki's    (09)

 o  ... lots more (providing a much more extensible and robust backend)    (010)

To allow us to effectively fight spammers, but to keep our commitment of 
allowing people who can read-from the wiki to be able to write-to it, we will 
be requiring everyone to create an account on the system and login before they 
can start editing the wiki content. In particular, during this account creation 
process, the CAPTCHA module (which requires the user to type in a character 
string that is presented to him/her in fairly ragged graphic format) that is 
implemented will help us blocking spamming robots and (hopefully) only allow 
human users to register.    (011)

For now, while the use of a password is still optional, we would recommend that 
users do USE A PASSWORD (albeit, something simple, to help fight spoofing), 
when they create their account. Down the road, we are looking toward building a 
trusted community of users on the CWE around the XRI/XDI-based I-Names (for 
more information about this, see: http://www.xns.org/xri-and-xdi-explained.html 
).    (012)

Please also note that, because of the new backend, and the new purple numbering 
system, all purple numbers (nid#'s) have been re-assigned. The new  
PurpleNumbers are now pegged to the site, rather than to an individual pages. 
As a result, earlier PurpleNumbered links will only take people to the correct 
pages (rather than the paragraphs or bullet points as originally intended.) I 
solicit everyone's help to amend and update the PurpleNumbered links whenever 
they come across them, so that they point back to the intended locations within 
the pages.    (013)

Kindly review the upgraded system and direct any question you may have to me.    (014)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Eugene Kim and Blue Oxen 
Associates (Lead Developer of PurpleWiki), Jonathan Cheyer (Tech Lead of the 
CIM3.NET infrastructure), and Arnold Yim (for actually doing the migration of 
the Ontolog wiki content to the upgraded system.)    (015)

Best regards.  =ppy    (016)

Peter P. Yim
http://public.xdi.org/=Peter.Yim    (017)

Ontolog Forum    (018)

President & CEO
CIM Engineering, Inc. (dba. "CIM3")
San Mateo, California, USA.
+1 (650) 578-9998
--    (019)

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