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FYI - apologies if you have seen this before.  They are looking for 
presentations on Ontologies.    (01)

Duane    (02)

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Subject:        GML Days 2005 Call for Papers
Date:   Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:30:03 -0800
From:   Rhona Karbusicky <rkarbusicky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     <Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>    (03)

We would like to once again thank you for participating and presenting at
GML Days 2004.  GML Days 2005 is fast approaching and we are now issuing the
Call for Papers.  As all of last year's papers were well received, we would
like to encourage you to submit an abstract for consideration for
presentation at this year's GML Days.  Suggested topics are:    (04)

Processing GML data - schema parsers,
Object filters GML and Imagery
GML and Geographic Ontologies
GML Applications (ITS, LBS, Telematics, Resource Management, Oceanography)
GML and Web Services
Web Service Visualization GML,
Web Services and Interoperability
Case Studies
Policy Issues and Standardization    (05)

More information may be received from our website, www.gmldays.com or by
contacting us directly at papers@xxxxxxxxxxxx    (06)

We hope to see you again this year at GML Days.    (07)

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