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From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 00:28:05 -0700
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Here are the arrangements for the Wed 2004.12.01 (2:00~5:00pm PST) EIDX 
"Semantic Harmonization" session.    (01)

We (Ontolog) will be hosting the call-in support (wiki page and 
freeconference bridge reservation).    (02)

For those who plan to be attending in person, please make sure you 
register beforehand, and check in as per Jon Bosak's instructions below 
(ref his Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:47:58 message) . Refer to the agenda in 
that same message too.    (03)

For those who plan to call in, please indicate so (by e-mailing me 
offline, or by posting directly to the wiki page when the same is up) so 
that I'll get a good estimate as to how many lines on the conference 
bridge that I will need to reserve.    (04)

Regards.  -ppy
--    (05)

Peter P. Yim wrote Sun, 10 Oct 2004 19:07:22 -0400:    (06)

> Hi Jon,
> Here's what we'll do for your "Semantic Harmonization" event at the 
> EIDX meeting:
> 1. Peter Yim and Adam Pease will be making the presentation on behalf 
> of the Ontolog Forum. I will probably just do an openning slide (to 
> explain who we are and our mission) and then let Adam deliver our 
> message (in your session 3).
> 2. We are also planning to officially release our "recommendations" 
> paper (urging the eBusiness standards community to seriously looking 
> into adopting an ontological engineering approach) that day. That, is 
> essentially what the presentation will be about.
> 3. During your discussion session (session 4), we are looking toward 
> having some of our thought leaders (in the ontolog community) in the 
> audience who will be supporting our cause. That will include Leo Obrst 
> (who now leads the information semantics team at MITRE), Steve Ray 
> (Chief of the Mfg. System Integration Div. of NIST) and others who 
> will be calling in, along with, at least, Kurt, myself and Adam there 
> in person.
> We are taking this event seriously, and are doing our best to prepare 
> a compelling message for your audience (ref: 
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2004_10_07#nid043). 
> Thank you, once again, for provide us the opportunity to deliver this 
> very important message. Feel free to contact me if there is any question.
> Best regards,
> P.S. I am assuming that remote participation (at least) by 
> phone-conferencing will be supported that afternoon. I can help post 
> that information, and can make slides available (on the web) for the 
> remote participants. Let me know if you want that, and if I can be of 
> further help.   -ppy
> --
>  jon.bosak@xxxxxxx wrote Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:47:58 -0700 (PDT):
>   >... be aware that EIDX is only providing check-in through
>   >security during the morning, so please arrive then or make
>   >specific arrangements with me to come get you well in advance of
>   >the beginning of the track at 2 p.m., preferably during lunch.
>   >The schedule is posted at
>   >
>   >   http://www.comptia.org/events/eidx200412/agenda.pdf
>   >
>   >You will need to register in advance at
>   >
>   >  http://www.comptia.org/events/get_event.aspx?eventid=EIDX200412
>   >
>   >Use the promotional code CTIA1204 to waive the $550 conference
>   >fee.
> jon.bosak@xxxxxxx wrote Thu, 7 Oct 2004 17:59:13 -0700 (PDT):
>>Hello Peter,
>>Did you guys ever figure out who would be giving the Ontolog
>>presentation and participating in the panel discussion at the EIDX
> === recap from earlier exchange ===
>jon.bosak@xxxxxxx wrote Sat, 11 Sep 2004 11:10:54 -0700 (PDT):
>>Hello Peter,
>>/The Semantic Harmonization track that we tried to organize for/
>>/August in Orlando has now been officially scheduled for the EIDX/
>>/meeting 1-3 December in Menlo Park.  I'm writing to confirm that/
>>/you or someone you designate from the Ontolog Forum can commit to/
>>/participating.  Please feel free to share this message as you see/
>>/The Semantic Harmonization Tech Track has been scheduled to run/
>>/from 2 to 5 p.m. Wednesday 1 December in the Crossroads 2/
>>/conference room in building MPK11 at Sun's campus in Menlo Park./
>>/Specific times within that block have not yet been assigned, but/
>>/the order of presentation as currently planned is:/
>>/   Session 1: UDEF/
>>/   Session 2: CCTS/
>>/   Break/
>>/   Session 3: Ontologies/
>>/   Session 4: Panel with audience participation/
>>/I and the rest of the EIDX board are hoping to make the EIDX/
>>/meetings a continuing forum for this topic.  As far as we/
>>/know, there is no other place where these different approaches to/
>>/semantic harmonization can be compared and discussed./
>>/Part of our plan for publicizing the event is to request each of/
>>/the three panelists to use his or her own interest groups to alert/
>>/members of the opportunity to hear the speakers and participate in/
>>/the panel discussion.  EIDX lets "first-timers" in free as long as/
>>/they preregister, so it's OK to encourage your members to attend./
>>/It will probably be a little while before registration is set up,/
>>/but in order to begin our own publicity, we need to know the names/
>>/of the speakers.  We plan to start with announcements to various/
>>/public mail lists in about two weeks, so it would be great if you/
>>/could provide the name of the ontology speaker by then./
>>/Best regards,/
>    (07)

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