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Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 11:04:12 -0700
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Forwarding a message from Adam Cheyer, who is hosting the presentation 
by Didier Guzzoni (another ex-VerticalNet colleague) at SRI  this coming 
Wednesday 2004.09.08 4pm in Menlo Park, CA.    (01)

The abstract (below) sounds really exciting ... I'm sure the talk (& 
demo?) will be even more so. Those who are in the San Francisco Bay Area 
may find this interesting enough to show up there.    (02)

Regards.  -ppy
--    (03)

acheyer wrote Mon, 06 Sep 2004 17:16:24 -0000:    (04)

>As mentioned, Didier will be giving a presentation on what he's been 
>up to with his PhD, this coming Wednesday at 4pm at SRI in Menlo 
>Park.  It's free, open to the public, and may be yet another 
>opportunity to bump into some Vert Alum. Here's the pointer, and the 
>abstract is included below.
>   http://www.ai.sri.com/seminars/detail.php?id=89
>Best, Adam
>Active : A unified framework for activity recognition and execution
>The goal of our research is to provide a unified, visual, standards-
>based framework for developing intelligent systems incorporating 
>numerous AI techniques. As an implementation of such framework, our 
>solution (Active) provides a unified platform for both activity 
>recognition and execution. Active is based on the concept of active 
>ontologies. In our context ontologies are not considered as passive 
>data structures, but rather as execution environments. An active 
>ontology is a processing formalism where distinct processing elements 
>are arranged according to ontology notions. The execution of 
>processing elements is triggered by conditional expressions based on 
>events (data) and time constraints. Within Active facts are 
>represented as first order logic predicates enhanced with functional 
>information such as time stamp, lifespan, relevance or ownership. 
>Using such facts, processing elements (concepts) can exchange 
>information and store local data in private or shared contexts. 
>Active is evaluated by creating a "library of templates" to model AI 
>systems. Templates will be created to provide natural language 
>processing (activity recognition), multimodal fusion, dynamic 
>presentation (using reactive planning) and plan execution. 
>    (05)

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