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Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 08:45:26 -0700
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During our Thu 2004.07.15 conference call, the upcoming SICoP "Second 
Semantic Technologies for eGov Conference" was brought up, and I 
promised those at the call to forward Brand Niemann's "Call for Paper" 
to the forum. Here it is. -ppy
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Brand Niemann wrote Mon, 12 Jul 2004 09:29:31 -0400:    (02)

> *Purpose:* The new Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice 
> (SICoP) was recently chartered under the Federal CIO Council’s Best 
> Practices Committee - Knowledge Management Working Group (KM.Gov) for 
> the purpose of achieving "semantic interoperability" and "semantic 
> data integration" focused on the government sector. The SICoP is 
> working on a White Paper with three modules that form the basis for 
> workshops and conferences for broader education and participation. 
> Since the SICoP is an outgrowth of the First Semantic Technologies for 
> eGov Conference at the White House Conference Center last September 8, 
> 2003, it is hosting the Second Semantic Technologies for eGov 
> Conference on September 8-9, 2004, at MITRE in McLean, Virginia. (See 
> attached for background.)
> *Important Dates:*
> Papers need to be submitted by August 6th and presenters will be 
> notified by August 13th.
> Papers need to be limited to 10 pages in Word format, but PowerPower 
> presentations may be up to 30 slides in length.
> **
> *Selection Criteria:
> *Relevance to the conference purpose and agenda format (see graphic 
> below).
> Relevance to the White Paper Module topics (see below).
> *SICoP White Paper Modules & Their Leads:*
> Module 1: Introducing the Semantic Web Technologies: Harnessing the 
> Power of Information Semantics – Jie-Hong Morrison
> Module 2: Exploring the Business Value of Semantic Interoperability – 
> Irene Polikoff
> Module 3: Operationalizing the Semantic Web – Michael Daconta
> Brand Niemann,
> Co-Chair of the CIO Council's Semantic Interoperability Community of 
> Practice (SICoP) (Best Practices Committee)
> http://km.gov and http://web-services.gov
> on behalf of the Planning Committee:
> Ralph Hodgson & Irene Polikoff, TopQuadrant
> Rick Morris, US Army
> Leo Obrst, MITRE
> Lorne Osborn, Unicorn    (03)

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