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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 17:14:24 -0700
Message-id: <40B3E160.2040205@xxxxxxxx>
Thanks to responses received from Pat, Evan, Bob and Kurt (plus 
myself, so far) confirming their preference to skipping the July 7 
afternoon conference sessions in favor of doing a joint SICoP-Ontolog 
meeting.    (01)

I had spoken to Brand this morning. He was receptive to our proposed 
Wed July 7, 2004 afternoon date, and has recommended that to Rick 
Morris that we do this joint meeting (despite the fact that SICoP 
would only have barely had finished another workshop on June 23.) Rick 
does not seem to have a problem with that either. Thank you, Brand and 
Rick.    (02)

Nancy Faget has also offered to host the meeting at their DC downtown 
Army Corps of Engineers HQ facility. Thanks, Nancy.    (03)

Therefore, barring other unforeseen circumstance, this Joint 
SICoP-Ontolog meeting is on! Let's start working on the next level of 
details. I promised Brand that we will take a first crack at coming up 
with a draft agenda. I would therefore request:    (04)

1. that all ontolog folks who are planning to attend the meeting to 
please email me, or post directly to the wiki 
This goes for both physical, as well as virtual attendance (please 
identify, if the latter).    (05)

2. your comments and suggestions to things we would like to see on the 
agenda.    (06)

For more information on SICoP, see: 
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoP    (07)

I shall look forward to a wonderful meeting with SICoP folks in 
Washington DC on July 7, 2004.    (08)

Thanks & regards,
--    (09)

Peter Yim wrote Mon, 24 May 2004 09:40:06 -0700:    (010)

> All (especially who who will be in the DC Area early July, 2004),
> Ref. my initial response to Brand (below) on the suggested SICoP-Ontolog 
> meeting date, please advise if we do get the meeting going on Wed 
> 7-Jul-04 afternoon, would you be coming (one will have to skip the Wed 
> pm Protege conference sessions to do it).
> Comments, alternatives, suggestions are welcomed too.
> Please respond quickly so that we can get this to converge.
> Thanks & regards.  -ppy
> --     (011)

> Peter Yim wrote Mon, 24 May 2004 09:32:45 -0700:
>> Brand et al.,
>> Ref the SICoP-Ontolog joint meeting, may I suggest Wed 7-Jul-04 
>> afternoon. I have yet to run this by the ontolog folks, just trying to 
>> do this in parallel.
>> Rationale behind the suggestion:
>> The event that is bringing the ontolog people to town is (Stanford 
>> Medical Informatics') Protege Annual Conference, which will be held at 
>> NIH (Bethesda, MD) between Tue 6-Jul-04 to Fri 9-Jul-04, within which, 
>> the the Ontolog people is running a workshop entitled "Extending 
>> Enterprise Ontologies: Levels, Limits, and Tensions" during the 
>> afternoon of Tue 6-Jul-04.
>> The out-of-town folks will generally be leaving by the end of the week 
>> (although i personally will be staying for Susan's Collaborative 
>> Expedition Workshop on "Intelligent Manufacturing" that will be held 
>> the following Tuesday 13-Jul-2004.)
>> Originally, I was going to suggest Mon 5-Jul-04, but was just prompted 
>> that Jul 5 is a public holiday (after Jul 4), therefore, that's out.
>> The next near-feasible alternative, would be for the ontolog people 
>> (hopefully enough are willing) to skip, say, one of the afternoon 
>> sessions of the Protege conference, to do this joint SICoP-Ontolog 
>> meeting ... which I do hope, can take place. Hence, my proposal of Wed
>> 7-Jul-04 afternoon.
>> Also, I know this is the next level of details, but, if you already 
>> have some idea, please advise where the meeting venue might be.
>> Regards,
>> PPY
>> --     (012)

>> Brand Niemann wrote Mon, 24 May 2004 09:53:25 -0400:
>>> Since scheduling is critical, here are the some initial proposals:
>>> ...[snip]...
>>> July 14, 2004,  Also Joint Meeting with the SICoP and the Ontolog 
>>> Forum (tentative). Note: Peter does this work for the ONTOLOG Forum? 
>>> Susan's CEW is the day before at NSF.
>>> ...[snip]...
>>> Brand
>>> ...    (013)

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