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Attached is the agenda and the only requirement -- that participants be serious practitioners in implementing Semantic Web, current or projected.  
Let Rick.Morris@xxxxxxxxxxx  know if you are going to call in.
Meeting in CIO/G6 Conf Rm T7139  (A)
Taylor Building (NC3) Crystal City
2531 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202
Directions from the metro are as follows:
- Come up escalator from Crystal City Metro, make left

- Go to glass doors

- Follow sign "Plaza Shops"

- Then follow sign "23rd Street Exit"

- At 23rd Street, cross over, go to Century Shops

- At end of Century Shops, see narrow walkway

- Go to narrow walkway (see Security Guard at end of walkway)

- At this point, visitor is in the Taylor Building

The guard will direct you to front desk to sign in, and call me (703-602-3214).

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