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One way that identifier and code have been differentiated in my experience is:

Identifier is a data surrogate for something that is of interest to the enterprise. Examples would be a Social Security number or employee identification number.

Code is one of a set of valid values that conveys a characteristic of something otherwise identified. So a market segment code might be applied to a customer who is identified by a SSN or customer identifier.

This is just one way that these concepts can be used. Polysemy is always with us!

Doug McDavid

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>> Cassidy: For Tim --
>>    I found the UML and XLS that you provided very helpful in
>> understanding
>> the core components.  There are still ambiguities, but there is enough
>> information that I am working on formalizing them into an ontology
>> consistent with SUMO/MILO -- though it requires a number of additions
>> to the SUMO beyond the bare core component types themselves.
>>    One thing that appears missing from the UML (and the xls) is
>> any notion of subclasses or subtypes.  There are a few core
>> components that appear to me to be subtypes of others --
>> a CodeList Scheme, for example, would seem to be a subtype of
>> Identifier Scheme, and Code is a subclass of Identifier.
> mm1: No, Pat they are not. There have been long debates about
> differences between code and identifier. Regardless if the differences
> are well-understood or not, they are different. Don't ask me to
> explain it because I am not the expert.

mm2: I am trying to get a copy of the white paper draft that Mike Adcock
did explaining the differences. I thought I had retained it but am
unable to locate. Mike is now deceased.  I will send when I acquire. Thanks.

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