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Re: [ontolog-forum] [Fwd: [ubl-lcsc] Models for generating CCT and Data

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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:12:27 -0700
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Patrick Cassidy wrote:    (01)

> For Tim --
>    I found the UML and XLS that you provided very helpful in 
> understanding
> the core components.  There are still ambiguities, but there is enough
> information that I am working on formalizing them into an ontology
> consistent with SUMO/MILO -- though it requires a number of additions
> to the SUMO beyond the bare core component types themselves.
>    One thing that appears missing from the UML (and the xls) is
> any notion of subclasses or subtypes.  There are a few core
> components that appear to me to be subtypes of others --
> a CodeList Scheme, for example, would seem to be a subtype of
> Identifier Scheme, and Code is a subclass of Identifier.    (02)

mm1: No, Pat they are not. There have been long debates about 
differences between code and identifier. Regardless if the differences 
are well-understood or not, they are different. Don't ask me to explain 
it because I am not the expert.    (03)

>    Would you be able and willing to create a modified UML that
> included the subclass dependencies?  If so, I will suggest
> some links.
>     Pat
> ================     (04)

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