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Denmark Becomes First Country to Adopt OASIS Universal Business Language    (04)

Copenhagen, Denmark; 26 January 2004--The Danish National XML 
Committee announced today that it has formally adopted  an early 
version of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) as a standard 
for e-Commerce in the public sector. Following a 30-day public 
hearing, the Danish XML Committee decided to use UBL 0.7 to enable 
integration between systems controlled by state authorities and a 
newly implemented portal for public procurement.    (05)

UBL provides an XML library of common business data components 
together with a set of standard business documents such as purchase 
orders and invoices that are assembled from the component library. UBL 
is the product of an international technical committee of the 
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards 
(OASIS), a non-profit consortium dedicated to the creation of XML 
standards. Currently at version 1.0 Beta, UBL is produced in an open, 
publicly visible process and is made available without royalties or 
other fees.    (06)

The Public Procurement Portal - www.doip.dk - is an electronic market 
place to which both private and public purchasers and their suppliers 
have access, and whose functionality, interface, security and 
transaction costs are regulated by the public sector. It is the first 
public procurement portal in Europe. The establishment of the Public 
Procurement Portal is an important part of the strategy to make 
procurement efficient and is implemented on the basis of the wish to 
create a common infrastructure for the trade between the public units 
and the suppliers.    (07)

With a public sector procurement of goods and services for 
approximately DKK 100 billion per year, even modest improvements in 
efficiency will be of great value for Danish society. By virtue of the 
public sector's purchasing volume, increased use of e-commerce will 
furthermore contribute to the penetration of e-commerce in Denmark in 
general. The suppliers will get accustomed to e-commerce and an 
infrastructure will be established. Particularly favourable 
arrangements have been made to secure access by small suppliers.    (08)

"A royalty free standard with strong and broad vendor support is a key
enabler for the development of both e-Business and e-Government. We 
are pleased to be a part of the OASIS UBL initiative," said Michael 
Bang Kjeldgaard of the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, chair of 
the Danish XML Committee. "We have learned valuable lessons from the 
work being carried out in the OASIS UBL Technical Committee. Not only 
does UBL deliver a royalty free standard for electronic commerce, but 
the 'Naming and Design Rules,' that dictate how UBL is expressed in 
XML Schema, have inspired us in the development of other XML 
vocabularies."    (09)

"The availability of UBL has greatly reduced the costs associated with
developing an XML-interface between State institutions and our 
procurement gateway," says Soren Bauer of the Agency for Governmental 
Management. "The OASIS UBL Technical Committee has been very 
responsive to our proposals for enhancement, and we are excited to be
among the first to implement UBL. The UBL initiative is a major 
breakthrough and provides a huge potential for future integration 
efforts. We congratulate OASIS on a job well done."    (010)

Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems, chair of the OASIS UBL Technical 
Committee and organizer of the working group that created XML agrees: 
"In adopting UBL, Denmark takes the lead in establishing an open, 
non-proprietary e-commerce environment equally suitable for both 
governments and small businesses. UBL's vendor-neutral development 
process and free licensing makes it a natural choice for government 
procurement, and I believe that this announcement will jump start UBL 
adoption by governments across Europe."    (011)

For further information
. Mr Soren Bauer, project manager of the Public Procurement Portal 
pro-ject, scb@xxxxxx + 45 2224 6143
. Mr. Jon Bosak, chair of the OASIS UBL Technical Committee,
. Mr. Michael Kjeldgaard, chair of the Danish National XML Committee,
mbk@xxxxxxxx Telephone +45 3337 9115
. OASIS UBL Technical Committee, http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ubl    (012)

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