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[ontolog-forum] USE cases -- NASA and CSC

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Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:29:02 -0400
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I saw a reference to a project to improve automation
of purchasing at NASA:
      http://www.csc.com/aboutus/lef/mds69_off/uploads/lefecom.pdf    (01)

It is a presentation by "Avinash Beri" of CSC.    (02)

One slide describes the goal:
"ISVA—The Smart e-Commerce Intelligent Agent
    • What does ISVA do?
      – Analyzes a customer order and
        validates that it is complete,
        consistent, and correct
      – If problems are found, tells the
         customer exactly what is wrong
         using a color-coded GUI
    • How does ISVA do this?
       – Uses an advanced business rules engine—the Java Expert
         System Shell (Jess) from Sandia National Labs
       – Uses the KB to determine if services are missing, not allowed,
          or inconsistent Customer Order GUI    (03)

This seems to be relevant to our goals, though they emphasize
the expert system shell (JESS, I think) rather than the
knowledge representation.  Does anyone have any more information
about that project?    (04)

CSC is a company in California.  Text from their web site:    (05)

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
2100 East Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245
generalinformation@xxxxxxx    (06)

CSC has been a consistent performer in the global information 
technology market for more than 40 years because of the balance and 
business diversity it maintains in its service offerings, geographic 
reach and industry markets. Our stock trades on the New York Stock 
Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol CSC. Founded in 1959, we were the 
first software company listed on the NYSE.
==========================================    (07)

   If they do not have any representation in any of the groups
working on representation of business transactions, would it
be appropriate to make contact with them to see if they
can provide some insight into the requirements and perhaps
some subtleties that might not be obvious?    (08)

    Pat    (09)

Patrick Cassidy    (010)

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