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[ontolog-forum] CFP: Upper Ontology and Natural Language Processing

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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 06:56:31 -0700
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Call for Paper
Upper Ontology and Natural Language Processing
A Special Session for NLP-KE'03    (01)

The 2003 IEEE International Conference on Natural Language Processing and 
Knowledge Engineering, Oct. 26-29, 2003, Beijing
http://www.cie-china.org/nlpke2003/    (02)

Paper Submission Deadline: July 18, 2003
Electronic submissions only, to: hrzhang@xxxxxxxxxx    (03)

The representation of knowledge poses a shared and critical challenge to 
both Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering. A theoretical 
framework of human knowledge structure remains to be one of the ultimate 
scientific pursuits for the century. The construction of an Upper Ontology, 
as suggested shared standard for human and machine knowledge 
representation, attracted interests from diversified fields such as 
Cognitive Sciences, Computational Linguistics, Electronic Engineering, 
Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology.    (04)

The proposed special session deals with the interaction between Upper 
Ontology and Natural Language Processing. In particular, we would like to 
draw attention to the IEEE working group on a Standard Upper Ontology, to 
which the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) has been proposed; as well 
as to the LanguageWeb initiative from the computational linguistics community.    (05)

The Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) http://ontology.teknowledge.com
SUMO is rapidly gaining recognition as a resource for computational 
linguistics. We would like to bring together researchers who are applying 
SUMO to projects in NLP, as well as providing a forum for informing 
researchers who may be interested in using this product or collaborating 
with other researchers in this area.    (06)

LanguageWeb is a proposed collaboration among computational linguists from 
many European and Asian countries. Its explicit goal is to make the 
semantic web accessible in many languages, and to allow the semantic web to 
represent many different cultures. To achieve both goals, a robust shared 
upper ontology with multilingual knowledge content will be essential.    (07)

Call for paper
We invite papers that describe work in progress, preliminary results, or 
innovative ideas for future research. Possible topics include:
-linking ontology with linguistic knowledgebase and/or corpus
-using upper ontology to support multilingual and international knowledge 
-using upper ontology to create a unified semantics for linguistic corpora 
in different languages
-ideas for improving the robustness, completeness or correctness of ontologies
-ideas for improving the universality ontologies and eliminating language bias
-using the semantic content of ontology in solving language understanding 
issue    (08)

Invited Speaker
        Junichi Tsujii (University of Tokyo)    (09)

Panel: Synergy Between Language Resources and Knowledge Resources:
Towards Multilingual and Cross-domain Knowledge Engineering    (010)

- Towards a Gateway between Language Resources and Knowledge Resources
   Calzolari, Nicoletta [chair]
   (Institute of Computational Linguistics, University of Pisa)
-HowNet: A Hybrid Language and Knowledge Resource
   Dong, ZhenDong
   (Institute of Software Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
- The Multilingual and Cross-Domain Properties of (Semantic) Relations
    Huang, Chu-Ren
    (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica)
-SUMO: A Sharable Knowledge Resource with Linguistic Inter-Operability
     Pease, Adam
-Bridging Knowledge and Languages: The Application of Computational Linguistics
     Zhao, Jun
     (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)    (011)

Paper Submission and Publication
Submission address: <hrzhang@xxxxxxxxxx>
Paper Submission will be parallel to main conference. Submitted papers will 
be reviewed by UONLP program committee (and potentially other reviewers)
        Deadline for Paper Submission; July 18, 2003
        Deadline for Notification: July 31, 2003
        Deadline for Camera-ready paper: August 15, 2003
The UONLP papers will be included in the NLPKE”¦03 main conference 
proceedings and will follow the established main conference style sheet and 
        Papers should follow NLPKE”¦03 guideline (WORD/PDF) and should not 
6 pages. Please see main conference website for guidelines:
http://www.cie-china.org/nlpke2003/cfp.htm    (012)

Program Committee
        Nicoletta Calzolari (University of Pisa), <glottolo@xxxxxxxxxx>,
          Chu-Ren Huang (Academia Sinica), <churen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Adam Pease, <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Shiwen Yu (Peking University), <yusw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Executive secretary
        Huarui Zhang (Peking University), <hrzhang@xxxxxxxxxx>    (013)

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