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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 02:32:08 -0700
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An important update:    (01)

We have pretty much decided to do push the planned system upgrade out one
more week. Therefore, the extended maintenance window we have been talking
about will be over the weekend after next -- afternoon Friday 20-Jun-03
through morning of Monday 23-Jun-2003. Since it will involve IP Address/DNS
changes, the server may not be reachable (after it has been resumed) until
the new IP information have propagated to the DNS servers used by the people
accessing it. Services currently provided by both the ZEUS and the DOUGE
servers will be affected.    (02)

Please coordinate with us if you have an absolute need to secure
uninterrupted service during any particular time slot within the above
window.    (03)

--CIM3 Support.    (04)

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> Please note ...[snip]...
> P.S. Again, we are contemplating an extended maintenance window over the
> next weekend (afternoon Friday 13-Jun-03 through morning of Monday
> 16-Jun-2003) due to system upgrade. Please coordinate with us if you want
> secure uninterrupted service during any particular time slot within this
> window.  --CIM3 Support.
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>    (06)

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