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Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 15:35:18 -0400
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Hi, Ralph, I know Dean Allemang from a previous life and I think he is
still at TopQuadrant. Welcome!    (01)

Leo    (02)

> rhodgson wrote:
> All,
> I am a new member of the ontology-forum and introduce myself as
> follows.
> I am a partner and co-founder of TopQuadrant, Inc., a consulting
> company specializing in knowledge-based solutions, the semantic WEB
> and ontology engineering. I have some 25 years experience in the
> United States and internationally in enterprise systems design,
> consulting, software development and methodology development and
> deployment. Prior to launching TopQuadrant I was an Executive
> Consultant at IBM Global Services from 1994 to 2001 where I was a
> founding member of Portal and Java and Emerging Technology practices.
> Prior to IBM, I was European Technology Director, founder and Managing
> Director of an international CASE tools vendor.
> I have an interest in software technologies for intelligent systems
> and real time enterprises. I am a member of the "Intent Alliance", an
> organization that was formed to promote the value of systems thinking
> for intelligent enterprises. I have an MSc in Digital Electronics at
> Herriott-Watt University in Edinburgh (1974), studies towards a Ph.D.
> in the properties of materials in high-intensity magnetic fields at
> Southampton University (1971) and hold a BSc with Honors degree in
> Physical Electronics from Northumbria University (1970). I am a
> published author, with some 30 papers and 6 chapters of books and have
> been a speaker at international software engineering conferences.
> As a consulting company, TopQuadrant (http://www.topquadrant.com) is
> serving as a "trusted intermediary" helping companies assess
> technologies and vendors of knowledge technologies.  Traditionally
> understood as ways of connecting people with knowledge, with the
> advent of web services and the importance of application integration,
> a new role has emerged for knowledge technologies - shepherding the
> knowledge that resides and moves between systems. We are finding
> that successful applications of knowledge technology range from search
> and asset reuse to semantic mapping and data integration.
> In order to help companies understand semantic technologies we provide
> consulting services for technology appreciation and solution
> envisioning for defining systems. Our approach is based on what we
> call "Capability Cases". A Capability Case is a way to express a
> solution idea through stories of real (or envisioned use) within a
> business context. A galllery of some capability cases nased on
> ontology engineering and semantic technologies can be seen at out
> web-site.
> We have worked and are currently working on 2 ontologies. One for NASA
> to do with using ontology to improve integration in
> CAD/PLM application areas. The other is for eGovernment where we
> are creating a pilot for the use of Semantic Technologies to support
> the Federal Enterprise Architecture. In the case of the NASA work, we
> are interested in finding and encouraging the creation of ontologies
> for engineering domains and for engineering and work processes (this
> work is for the Space Shuttle and potentially the Space Station). In
> our eGovernment work, enterprise models are of interest. In
> particular, those that relate to governance and
> performance modeling of lines-of business and the concept of 'service'
> as used in government agencies.
> I hope that the ontology-forum will provide a way for us as a new
> company to connect to other professionals in industry that have an
> interest in semantic technologies, tools and ontologies. I am also
> hoping to benefit from sharing ideas on ontologies for engineering and
> for eGovernment as described above.
> Ralph Hodgson
> Executive Partner
> TopQuadrant, Inc.
> Office: (724) 846-9300, Fax: (425) 955-5469, Cell: (781) 789-1664
> http://www.topquadrant.com
>     (03)

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