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Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 12:44:58 -0600
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Per our discussion today on UBL-Ontology:    (01)

Reference: http://groups.yahoo.com/
OAGI-CoreComponents group
Lead: Garret Minakawa who is active in UBL, UN/CEFACT ATG and TBG17 
garret.minakawa@xxxxxxxxxx    (02)

They have had quite a bit of discussion about the implications of 
address, location and any relationship between the two - which changes 
particularly in the transport and logistics space (they talk about 
pallets, packages, geographical location, coordinates, etc.....many, 
many references cited).    (03)

I've attached one recent drawing on Address alone.  Please ask Garret on 
more details on that and location.    (04)

Monica    (05)

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