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Re: [ontolog-forum] Invoice formalization

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From: Adam Pease <apease@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 16:42:07 -0700
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   Here's a little more work on formalizing invoices.  I haven't proofed 
this, or had anyone here review the work, but hopefully this early and 
imperfect product will give folks a better idea of how this work might 
proceed.  I realized that I shouldn't be formalizing the products in the 
order but I've left that work in for now.    (01)

Adam    (02)

; This document is released into the public domain with the caveat
; that users of this work must give proper credit in any publication
; about the work to the author - Adam Pease (apease@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
; This document is an attempt to fomalize the content of the example
; JoineryInvoice.JoineryInvoiceInstance1.html from the UBL effort    (03)

; domain ontology content    (04)

(subclass Invoice Statement)
(documentation Invoice "A document which states that a buyer owes,
or does not owe, money for goods or services purchased from a
seller.")    (05)

   (instance ?I Invoice)
   (exists (?EV)
       (instance ?EV Selling)
       (refers ?I ?EV))))    (06)

(instance quantityInEvent TernaryRelation)
(documentation quantityInEvent "(quantityInEvent ?PROC ?QUANT ?OBJ)
means that the number of &%Objects that are instances of ?OBJ that
participate in an event ?PROC in the role of &%patient is ?QUANT.")    (07)

(domain quantityInEvent 1 Process)
(domain quantityInEvent 2 Integer)
(domainSubclass quantityInEvent Object)
   (quantityInEvent ?P ?Q ?OBJ)
   (exists (?INST)
     (equal ?Q
         (KappaFn ?INST
             (instance ?INST ?OBJ)
             (patient ?P ?INST)))))))    (08)

(subclass Softwood Wood)
(documentation Softwood "Wood obtained from trees classified in the
family of Softwoods or gymnosperms.  Examples include scrub pine, spruce 
and cedar.")
(disjoint Hardwood Softwood)
(subclass Hardwood Wood)
(documentation Hardwood "Wood obtained from trees classified in the
family of Hardwoods, or angiosperms.  Examples include oak, birch and maple.")    (09)

     (instance ?H Hardwood)
     (instance ?S Softwood)
     (measure ?H
       (DensityFn ?MASSH ?VOLUME))
     (measure ?S
       (DensityFn ?MASSS ?VOLUME)))
   (greaterThan ?MASSH ?MASSS))    (010)

; Instance level content    (011)

(instance JoineryInvoice-2003-00645 Invoice)
(name "IN 2003/00645" JoineryInvoice-2003-00645)
(date JoineryInvoice-2003-00645 (DayFn 25 (MonthFn 2 (YearFn 2003))))
(instance JoineryPurchase-2003-00645 FinancialTransaction)
(subprocess Buying-2003-00645 JoineryPurchase-2003-00645)
(subprocess Selling-2003-00645 JoineryPurchase-2003-00645)
(refers JoineryInvoice-2003-00645 JoineryPurchase-2003-00645)    (012)

(agent Buying-2003-00645 JerryBuilderPLC)
(name "Jerry Builder plc" JerryBuilderPLC)
(address JerryBuilderPLC "Marsh Lane")
(instance MarshLane Address)
(name "Marsh Lane" MarshLane)
(instance NowhereNorfolk City)
(located MarshLane NowhereNorfolk)
(instance NorfolkUK StateOrProvince)
(located NowhereNorfolk NorfolkUK)
(located NorfolkUK UnitedKingdom)
(postalCode MarshLane "NR18 4XX")    (013)

(agent Selling-2003-00645 SpecialistWindowsPLC)
(name "Specialist Windows plc" SpecialistWindowsPLC)
(address SpecialistWindowsPLC "Snowhill Works")
(instance SnowhillWorks Address)
(name "Snowhill Works" SnowhillWorks)
(instance LittleSnoringWhereshire City)
(located SnowhillWorks LittleSnoringWhereshire)
(instance WhereshireUK StateOrProvince)
(located LittleSnoringWhereshire WhereshireUK)
(located WhereshireUK UnitedKingdom)
(postalCode SnowhillWorks "SM2 3NW")    (014)

; not yet formalized: Delivery Doc: DEL-03/55-712
; not yet formalized: Your Order No: S03-034257
; not yet formalized: Contact: Eva Brick    (015)

(subclass JoineryObject-236WV ManufacturedProduct)
(subclass JoineryObject-236WV Softwood)
(quantityInEvent JoineryPurchase-2003-00645 2 JoineryObject-236WV)
   (instance ?X JoineryObject-236WV)
   (monetaryValue ?X (MeasureFn 102.50 BritishPound)))    (016)

(date JoineryPurchase-2003-00645 (DayFn 3 (MonthFn 2 (YearFn 2003))))    (017)

; more to come...    (018)

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