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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 10:58:20 -0700
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Hello,    (01)

Attached, please find a proposal for a workshop at the 2004 AAAI (American 
Association for Artificial Intelligence) Spring Symposium to be held in 
Stanford on March 22-24, 2004. The workshop is entitled "Knowledge 
Representation and Ontology for Autonomous Systems" and the objective is to 
bring together colleagues in the autonomous systems, knowledge 
representations, ontology, and data fusion communities to find ways of 
leveraging existing knowledge technologies to benefit autonomous systems.    (02)

As part of the proposal, AAAI has asked that we provide:    (03)

"a list of potential participants that have been contacted and have 
expressed interest in participating... Note that the potential participants 
need not commit to participating, only state that they are interested."    (04)

As stated above, notice that an expression of interest does not commit you 
to attending or submitting a paper (though we hope you would consider doing 
so). It simply states that you would be interested in participating, if all 
else allows.    (05)

If you wish to express interest in this event, please do so by emailing 
"schlenof@xxxxxxxxxxxx" right away.
Submission deadline is FRIDAY MAY 2.    (06)

The organizing committee is very excited about this workshop and we want to 
put together as strong of a proposal as possible. We appreciate your support.    (07)

Mike Uschold and Craig Schlenoff    (08)

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