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[ontolog-forum] ebXML/UBL Context Drivers - From CCTS 1.9 Context Infor

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Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:11:47 -0800
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Thanks, Monica.    (01)

You can find the Core Component Technical Specifications v1.90 cited 
by Monica can be viewed at (it's a 112-page, 1.6MB pdf file!):    (02)

   http://ubl.cim3.org/~lcsc/CoreComponents/CCTS_V_1pt90.pdf    (03)

The section in question is Section 5.6 (starting from page 36) and 
Section 6.2 (starting from page 57).    (04)

The source location with the downloadable zipped document is at: 
http://webster.disa.org/cefact-groups/tmg/downloads/CCWG/for_review/CCTS_V_1pt90.zip    (05)

--    (06)

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Subject: [ontolog-forum] From CCTS 1.9 Context Information
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:18:26 -0700
From: "Monica J. Martin" <monica.martin@xxxxxxx>
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As requested:    (08)

Context category / Description / Example
1. Business Process
The type of process
Ordering, Delivery    (09)

2. Product Classification
The type of products that the collaboration is about
Parts, Consumer goods    (010)

3. Industry Classification
The sector in which the collaboration takes place
Aerospace, Fast moving consumer goods    (011)

4. Geopolitical
The location of the partners
International, Europe    (012)

5. Official constraints
The legislation that applies
US law, EU law    (013)

6. Business Process Role
The role the partners play in the process
Buyer, Seller    (014)

7. Supporting Role
Roles of relevant parties outside the collaboration
Shipping Agent    (015)

8. System Capabilities
Specific system requirements
SAP, Intuit    (016)

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