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Re: [ontolog-forum] Tools for the UBL Ontology Project

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Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 08:15:50 -0500
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I forwarded this thread to Duane Nickull, of XML Global because I consider
him to be an expert on ebXML Reg/Rep.  Here is his response and I am
including him as a courtesy copy should anyone wish to reply/comment.    (01)

Duane Nickull wrote:    (02)

Yes please:    (03)

The ebXML Registry could work as a Terminology servver since it is
largely agnostic to the Registry Objects themselves.  What would have to
be studied is the classification trees, artifact structure (+ syntax)
and specialized associations needed to facilitate setting an ebXML
registry up as a terminology server.    (04)

Some of this work has been started based on providing a semantic
equivalency function between elements of disparate taxonomies by
relating them to each other within certain contexts.  This work involves
taking the UN/CEFACT Core Components methodologies and deriving an XML
syntax representation of both CC's and BIE's.  Those artifacts are then
referenced via an ebXML and a uni or bilateral reference is made between
classes of equivalent objects.    (05)

I support an open source project.  It may be nice to tie in some of TB
Lee's work on semantic Web.    (06)

Duane    (07)

marion.royal@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Duane
> Would be happy to tie you into this thread if you would like to respond.
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>> A good way to do a virtual project is to do an open source project.
> Fully agree this is the way to go.
>> I would like to propose that the proposed UBL ontologies be managed
>> using ebXML Registry as an Ontology Server. There are many interesting
>> features that an ebXML Registry has to offer as an ontology server. A
>> partial list includes:
> This is interesting as I have not thought of the ebXML registry as
> an Ontology server.  For example, I do not believe the RIM supports
> the formal notion of 'subclassOf" which would be critical.  While I
> believe we could use a custom association with this label, that is
> weaker than the notion of subclass being built into the RIM.  For
> a formal notion of subclass would allow the child information object to
> automatically inherit the attributes of the parent.  Please correct me
> if I am misunderstanding the RIM or its implications.
> Additionally, I would recommend the Ontology classes be associated
> with a terminology registry for each concept (in essence equating a
> class with a concept).  Following step 3, in the protege Ontology 101
> document, we need to enumerate important terms in the Ontology.
> I am proposing a step beyond enumeration to formal definition with
> concept, terms and referents.  Is the ebXML registry suitable for a
> terminology
> registry? Or do people know of others?
> - Mike
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