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[ontolog] Position Paper Question Set #01

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From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 22:22:12 -0700
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All,    (01)

Based on my conversations with Peter and today's conference call, 
I've offered to lead a discussion exploring possible ways to 
integrate ontological principles into the UBL effort.  The output 
from this exercise is expected to be a position paper.    (02)

The approach that I'm going to use is based on a strategic planning 
model called AtStake.  While this approach is normally used in a 
group setting, I think that we can make good progress via the email 
list and conference calls which have been set up.    (03)

Periodically, I will post a set of questions for each of us to 
answer.  I will then monitor the discussion, summarize the results, 
and post the next set of questions, as appropriate.    (04)

Please post your responses to ubl-ontolog@xxxxxxxxx    (05)

The first set of questions deal with basic alignment:    (06)

   What's your background?  Please provide a brief description.    (07)

   Why are you motivated to participate in this discussion?    (08)

   What would you, personally, like to get out of this?    (09)

   What one result would please you the most?    (010)

/s/ kwc 2002.05.23 22:22    (011)

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