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[EarthScienceOntolog] 2nd organizing committee meeting (telecon)

To: EarthScienceOntolog Mini-series Planning <mini-series-org@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 10:47:51 -0700
Message-id: <CAGdcwD1nhUjLxWv_vvnYZ8CuF+VJqduOXbs6qqtzZdTNqgm+ww@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear All,    (01)

Since we haven't collected enough input to finalize on the
mini-seriesprogram (as planned for this week) over this mailing list
or the wiki, it is prudent that we should schedule a time to meet and
work out the details synchronously, asap.    (02)

I am quite sure some are traveling or on vacation now (and may not
have uninterrupted access to email or the Internet) and suspect that
it might even get worse in August. Let's hope we can meet up some time
next week. Again, if you cannot be available, but would still want to
actively participate in the organization work, please so indicate to
this thread.    (03)

I have set up a doodle poll (longish, since I don't have, at least,
some of your scheduled to narrow down the choices.) It's at:  Please respond by mid-day
Sunday 7/29 (so Monday is still a possibility.)    (04)

In the mean time, please continue to provide input via this list
(under the respective thread.)    (05)

Actions:    (06)

* respond NOW! to doodle poll at:    (07)

* pair up with another member of this organizing committee and
champion (co-chair) a session (if you haven't already; we are
expecting everyone on this committee to be co-chairing one session)
... try fitting session content into the program discussed so far -
... kindly respond to the thread under the subject: "Session topics
and co-chairs for each"    (08)

* provide suggestions (and discuss on this list) to tweak the program,
if you are convinced that it will be an improvement over what has been
proposed/discussed so far ... kindly respond to the thread under the
subject: "Ideas, Objectives and Goals for the Mini-series" or "Session
topics and co-chairs for each" as appropriate.    (09)

* propose presentations/briefings that you could give, either as part
of the session you are co-chairing, or as a panelist on another
session (specify which session topic it would best fit in, if
possible.) Again, let's assume everyone on the organizing committee
may end up doing one or two presentations during the mini-series. This
will, then, still leave a lot of room for us to invite others to share
their experiences and insights with the community.    (010)

* suggest speakers/panelists and the subject matter/content they could
present on (specify which session topic it would best fit under too,
if possible.)    (011)

Thanks & regards. =ppy
--    (012)

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